Jul 282013

So here it is, the first ‘official’ blog from the NEW Tunbridge Wells Writers website.

It’s early days yet, and apart from this blog and details of our projects there’s not a great deal of content, but looking to the future we now have the potential to develop a truly dynamic hub for promoting both the group and the individual members within it. We’ll be discussing aspects of that at the next meet up at the Black Pig on Tuesday (30th July, 8:00pm onward), swapping ideas on how to expand the site in ways that best meet the needs and wishes of the current collective while attracting new members and exploring new directions and opportunities.

We’ve put up a small number of links in the ‘members’ area to show how the database will work. We’d really appreciate biogs, profile pics, website/blog addresses etc from all those who wish to be included in the gallery as soon as possible, because it’s looking a bit sparse at the moment with just the sample content on display. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a blog or website: the biog and profile pic will be more than enough to get things started.

Another database we are keen to establish is a listing of magazines, newsletters etc our members contribute to and the kinds of content they are looking for. By sharing this information we can promote ourselves individually as writers and the group as a valuable resource for local editors and publishers. If you happen to be a local editor and/or publisher and you are interested in adding your name to the database use the contact us form to get in touch. You could even come along to one of our meet ups and informally pitch your publication directly to the group.

Finally, we want to ensure that all of the content and features of the website are available to all of our visitors, so it would be really helpful for members to use the various links, downloads, comment boxes and contact widgets and report back on whether they work. I’m also keen to see whether WordPress’ ‘mail notification’ works and e-mails and comments sent to the site start showing up in my regular account, as this was a real problem with the old Moonfruit site. For downloads, a good place to start would be on the projects page, where the two -e-books we’ve produced are available from Smashwords.

CAROLYN AVATARIN OTHER NEWS:  The next ‘Word Up‘ event at the Forum is this Thursday (August 1st). I’ll be there (possibly slamming, but haven’t quite decided yet), and I’m sure, as with previous Word Up events, Tunbridge Wells Writers will be out in force. Music too this time round – what more could you want from a cheap night out?


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