Feb 242014

Heavens – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Another fortnight into 2014, and another Tuesday meetup for Tunbridge Wells Writers.

The usual formula: Kick off at 8:00pm at the Black Pig pub for the regular mix of literary chit-chat and waffle. If you’re a writer or would-be writer of any genre, style or discipline living in or around Tunbridge Wells why not come along and join us?

javabean teamAmong other things we will undoubtedly spend a bit of time discussing THIS and THIS. Talking of Open Mic nights (if you didn’t click the second ‘This’ link you might not be up to speed), a goodly gaggle of our writers had a literary outing last week to Javabean Cafe for Read Your Words. And a great evening it was too! There’s another Read Your Words event planned for April 15th, so any writers fresh to the group who fancy giving it a bash won’t have too long to wait. Additionally, details are currently being finalised for a special Read Your Words & Listen to Some Jazz event at Javabean as part of the Tunbridge Wells Forum’s UNFEST weekend. More details on that when we have ’em. We do like to keep ourselves busy, don’t we?

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