Jul 282014

Firstly, an apology for anyone who tried to view the site over the past couple of weeks and found an error message instead of a website – we’ve been having some plugin woes and what with people being on holiday it took a while to get them sorted. Anyhoo, we’re back now and hopefully stable for the foreseeable future!

Last week we had one of our Read Your Words evenings at Javabean cafe. It was a somewhat quiet affair compared to our previous turnouts, but an enjoyable and entertaining evening none the less. What with holiday absentees and other commitments there were only six readers this time round, but what was lacking in quantity was certainly more than made up for in quality. Even better, we had two Read Your Words virgins showing their colours, in the shapes of Justin and Peppy. And excellent they were too, with Justin reading excerpts from his delightfully dark work-in-progress novel while Peppy offered a poetic and snarky fly-on-the-wall expos√© of a wine fueled ‘girls night in.’ Nuff said to say a good night was had by all, and we hope to squeeze another Read Your words in between now and our ‘Halloween Fright Night’ in October. Keep an eye on the events calendar for details.

But back to business – what of tomorrow’s meetup? I hear you ask… Well, we’ll be in the Black Pig as per from 8:00 onwards, but don’t go traipsing up the stairs to the function room as we won’t be there. We’ll probably be in the ‘gallery’ area (raised section overlooking the stuffed Kudu on the wall as you walk in the main door), or if weather and seat allocation permits enjoying the sunshine in the back garden. If you’re a writer of any kidney living in or around Tunbridge Wells, why not stick your head in the door and say hello?


read words


Read Your Words. Gosh I need a haircut! 



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