Sep 222014

poetry night


Well, here we are again on the eve of another TWW meet up, and what an eventful fortnight it’s been! We had a wonderful evening of poetry and prose readings at Javabean cafe last week with several new readers gracing the ‘stage’ (that’s the floorspace at the end of the counter by the door leading to the loos for anyone who hasn’t been to one of our Javabean meets) as well as some old favourites. And me. A good night was had by all, a good few units of alcohol were shifted, and we all agreed we must do it again again very soon. But probably not until after Christmas because we’ve got so much lined up before then we would never squeeze it all in.

Last meetup was our first at our new home, St Johns Yard, and very lively and exciting it was too. The venue is great, we had several first timers join us for, erm, the first time, and, as per usual a good time was had by all and a good few units of alcohol shifted. We also discussed all our major plans for writer’s retreat jollies, e-book launches, spooky Halloween reading nights and our Christmas project. See what I mean about never squeezing it all in?

Anyhoo… We’re at it again tomorrow night from 8:00pm onwards. If you’re a writer / would be writer living in or around Tunbridge Wells and you fancy joining us we would love to see you. You don’t need to bring anything to read – the meetups are more about networking and mutual support – but as you have just read there are loads of projects and things going on if you do want to flex your writing muscles and show us your literary guns.

This is where we will be:

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