Sep 072014

Announcement Clipart 2

If you go looking for us in the Black Pig on Tuesday at 8:00pm and can’t find us DON’T PANIC – you’re just looking for us in the wrong place. If you had been paying attention last time you would know that we have relocated to St John’s Yard in St John’s road, Tunbridge Wells, where we will be gathering fortnightly in the function room from now on. Whether you’re an existing member of the TW Writers or a potential new member discovering us/our website for the first time you will receive a warm welcome. Fun starts at eight – don’t be late.

I usually give a heads up before meetups about what will be going on, but we have so much in the pipeline at the moment even I can’t keep up! Scrolling back over previous posts will offer some clues, but there will be tons of new stuff under discussion too as we settle in our new meeting space and explore options for how we can best utilise it.

IN OTHER NEWS: Between our meeting on the ninth and our meeting on the twenty-third there is an open mic Read Your Words event at Javabean Cafe. This is not a ‘Tunbridge Wells Writers’ event but many of our members will be there. We would love to welcome some new faces, so whether you’re interested in reading or just like the idea of listening in please come along and introduce yourselves. Reading is nowhere near as nerve-racking as you might think, and as everything is free except food and drinks it’s a very inexpensive and entertaining night out for performers and audience alike.

This is where we will be…

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