Nov 302014



From tomorrow the Tunbridge Wells Writers will be sharing their A to Z of all things Christmassy Рa magical miscellany of personal reminiscences and anecdotes, observations on the wider meaning of Christmas, moans and gripes about the season generally, and occasional pieces of fiction and/or poetry. These literary offerings will be organised alphabetically (somewhat inventively as we reach the tricky letters toward the end of the alphabet)  over the next few weeks, culminating in a triumphant trinity (how very apt!) on Christmas Eve in order to squeeze 26 letters into 24 days.

We kick off, predictably, with A. Why not pop in to see what it’s All About? (Do you see what I did there?)

If scheduled publishing does what it says on the tin our words of wisdom should be available for you to enjoy over your breakfast or perhaps on that tedious train/bus journey to work each morning. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it -perhaps even more so, as some of our number seem to have struggled a bit with the concept of ‘deadlines’. Hem hem…

If you’re a writery type yourself and fancy getting involved in this type of thing why not come along and say hi at our next Meetup on Tuesday 2nd? We’ll be at St John’s Yard from around 8:00pm onward – details on the calendar in the r/h sidebar – and we would love to meet you.

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