Nov 162014



Hello boys and girls, and welcome to this week’s exciting pre-meetup message. Did you enjoy your Halloween and Bongfire night celebrations? Good. Well, there’s only two sleeps now until our meeting on Tuesday night at St John’s Yard, and I’m sure you’re all breathless with… …

… … anticipation.

And quite right too!

On this week’s agenda we have a double whammy of a ‘pre-meet meet’ looking at aspects of self-publishing, followed by the regular meet where we’ll be discussing, among other things, our ideas for a group Christmas project and our annual Christmas do. The fun starts, as usual, at 8:00pm.

While appreciating we don’t want to get ourselves over-excited too early about Christmas (it is only November after all) there is only ONE MORE MEET between Tuesday’s meet and the party on December 16th and a huge amount of organising to get done to ensure Santa delivers the lashings of booze pop and mountains of tuck we require in good order. As far as the project goes we have even less time on our hands, given that we’ve not even come up with a KEEP CALMsolid plan yet and we could, depending on what we decide to do, be looking at a deadline of only fortnight to get the opening posts written, edited and posted online. Heaven forfend!

Well there you have it, boys and girls, our plan for Tuesday evening. If you’re a writery type and you live within driving distance of Tunbridge Wells we would be glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to fetch up and pitch in as the fancy takes you.

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