Nov 042014


A bit late out of the traps with this heads up on account of the extra Halloween meetup last week throwing me into a complete state of confusion. It doesn’t take much…

Anyhoo, our Halloween Fright Night was a resounding success, with 13 Readers (Woooo! Cross your fingers, close your eyes and spit three times all you triskaidekaphobics!) and around 20-25 writers and guests in total. Lovely to see some new members in the mix, and to say hi again to a few who hadn’t previously caught up with us at the new venue.

As always picture taking was rather overlooked in favour of drinking and chatting, and the few that were taken were not of the highest standard. Apologies, then, for the poor quality of the slideshow below, but it is included for reference and to remind members that if they want decent pics they have to take ’em! They don’t grow on trees, you know. Pics courtesy of the various facebook posters I nicked them from – i.e. Carolyn Gray, Jess Mookherjee, Kat Ray and your’s truly.

So… we’ll be at St John’s Yard from 8:00pm onward, and we would love for you to join us if the fancy takes you. See you there.

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