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As those attending the last couple of meetings or reading the latest handful of blogs will be aware, our current projects, Something in the Water and our (yet to be titled) Short Stories collection for younger readers, are pretty much all wrapped up now. The time is ripe, then, for recruiting candidates for our next two projects – a sketch writing / podcast / possible live performance challenge and a series of Radio 4 Chain Reaction stylee interviews promising some red hot writer-on-writer action for your delectation and delight. Hem hem

Details of the Chain Reaction project proposed by Karen Tucker have yet to be finalised – we’re not yet sure whether the interviews will take the form of blogs or podcasts or, possibly, both, but either (or both!) way(s) all that’s really required at this stage is for those who are interested to make that interest known! Either collar Karen in person at a meetup or give her a heads up via our Facebook page. Job done.

The sketch project, proposed by Scott Kingsnorth, is something that might be a little bit out of our prose and poetry writers’ comfort zones, so Scott has kindly produced a series of pages offering advice and guidance on everything from comedy sketch “styles” to script formatting and idea generation. All of these are linked in the outline below, and there’s a contact form at the bottom that will message Scott directly should you wish to register interest and/or require further information…

Project Proposal by Scott Kingsnorth

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to write at least one short comedy sketch which will be performed by a small cast and recorded in a one-off podcast for the Tunbridge Wells Writers website.

Some of you may feel you’re not naturally funny, or don’t write funny, but you are wrong. If you can tell an anecdote you can write a sketch. And almost anything can be a sketch; it can range from a high concept gag to a simple amusing conversation.

You have free range in terms of style and setting of the sketch, but this is radio so try to think with your ears. Also, they will be being performed straight off the page, like a Goon Show, so try not load the text with tongue twisters.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Cast – We have three actors, and whilst there is opportunity for those cast members to double up rolls by using different voices, it’s best to try to keep your character count small.
  • Setting – This is radio so can be set anywhere providing you have the correct sound effects. Your scene could be set in an office or on the surface of the sun if you wanted.
  • Impressions – The cast are not impressionists. Whilst they can do many accents they cannot do celebrity impressions.
  • Keep it short – If your sketch is longer than four pages then it had better be hilarious.
  • Filth – Naughty subjects are acceptable, but they are best discussed using clean language. If you must swear, try to keep it to PG rated profanity.
  • Submission – If you have written more than one sketch you can submit more than one, just don’t send us everything you have written and don’t be hurt if we don’t use everything.

For general advice of formatting your submission please read This


tww radioThere are two blogs on the TWW website you may find useful, one pretentious one about sketch writing form and another on generating ideas.

Please use the contact form below to register interest in this project. I will then advise details on how to get your script to me. Members of the Facebook group can of course contact me directly there.

All submissions will be read and rewrite advice and suggestions offered where helpful. Writers retain all rights to their work.

THE DEADLINE for submissions is June 13th. If we do not have enough sketches by then the project will be shelved. So get writing!

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