Apr 042015

Well here we are again, only… [counts days on fingers] … three more sleeps from the next Tunbridge Wells Writers meetup. Those of us that went had a grand ol’ time watching John Cooper Clarke last week and were very impressed too with the sweary but talented Luke Wright, who opened the evening. 

Assuming the west country drawl of Pam Ayres, then, “‘ere’s one of ‘is poems”, this one very apt for sharing via our site, referencing as it does our very own Beau Nash and many other dandies and fops who would have enjoyed the town and its environs. It’s called The Ballad of Edward Dando the Celebrated Gormandizer, and you can read or listen to it HERE.

But that was last week and this is this, so let’s look forward rather than back… …

As mentioned in the previous post (scroll down if you haven’t read it) we’ll be trying something new on Tuesday night, with a little slot at the beginning of the evening for those who want to to read and get feedback on any current projects. Anyone interested – be they an established member of the group or an eager newbie – should show up prompt for 8:00 and drop their name into the hat. We’ll squeeze as many into the first twenty minutes / half an hour of the evening as we can, with any that don’t make it this time round going to the top of the pile at the next meetup.

IN OTHER NEWS: With the official launch of our ‘Something in the Water‘ collection almost upon us we’ll be gearing up to get the next project, our short stories for kids collection, underway. We’re about nine tenths of a manuscript in, but could squeeze in a few more stories if anyone has anything else they would like to contribute. You’ll have to be quick out of the traps, though – the deadline has already been missed more times than the dartboard in Stevie Wonder’s games room. We also need a title for the collection and some cover art, so there will undoubtedly be some nattering going on to those ends.

So, see you on Tuesday we hope – especially if you’re planning on joining us for the first time. If you don’t know where to find us click on the relevant date on the calendar and as if by magic you’ll find full details including a Google map to St John’s Yard. Once there you will find us either in the bar if you’re a bit early, or ensconced in the function room if you arrive after eight. If you enter the function room before eight and find a group of people singing, that’s not us: a local choir make use of the room ahead of us.

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