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Brrrr… Bit nippy, ennit? Which only goes to emphasise, I suppose, that summer, at least as far as skool holidays go, is officially over. Which by extension means that the Tunbridge Wells Writers’ summer recess is over too and that it’s time to get back down to business. And what a lot of business there is!

First and foremost, then, our first “official” meetup of the new writing year will be happening on Tuesday: Usual time (8:00pm), usual place (St John’s Yard), and the usual mix of lively discussion with a smattering of readings and feedback. Subsequent meetings will be held fortnightly, and will alternate between informal meetings as above and more formal gatherings offering (e.g.) workshops, guest speakers, and structured writing tasks and objectives. It’ll probably take us a while to settle into the new routines and there will, of course, be a great deal of crossover, but it is hoped that all members will bear with us during the transition and benefit from the proposed changes.

cover 3 medium dropJust 23hrs after the start of that meet (that’ll be 7:00pm on Wednesday the 9th for those of you struggling with the maths!) we will be embarking on our first ever hard-copy Book Launch at Waterstones in Calverley Road. Full details of the event can be found HERE, and we hope to see many of you there.

As if two meetups and a book launch weren’t enough we also have a couple of additional excursions lined up for September. While not strictly Tunbridge Wells Writer events we have been long-term supporters of and contributors to a couple of rather wonderful spoken word evenings, namely Word Up and Read Your Words. If you haven’t worked it out already you can find full details by clicking on the italicised links above, but in a nutshell these are performance poetry evenings (with the occasional bit of prose thrown in) hosted at the Tunbridge Wells Forum and Javabean Cafe respectively. Both are great fun, with the former combining a local “Slam” with readings from top-notch professional performance poets, and the latter providing a platform where local poets and writers can cut their performance teeth before a friendly, receptive and partially inebriated audience.

halloween cover new smallWell, that’s September pretty much sorted then, and that’ll set us up nicely for October and our annual Halloween Horror-Fest Fright Night. We haven’t got the full details sorted just yet, which is why I’m linking temporarily to last year’s page, but suffice to say there’s a very strict deadline on this one. With that in mind, if you’re going to get involved you’ll need to get your thinking caps on sharpish to get your bone-chilling story ideas nicely formatted and proof read for the big night.

Whether a TWW’s regular or a potential new member thinking about taking the plunge we hope the above has whetted your appetite. Joining the group is as easy as peas – just make a note of the date of one of our meetups from the event calendar on the right and roll up on the night. Alternatively, if that seems a bit nerve-wracking, drop us a message beforehand and we’ll make arrangements to ease you in with an introduction. There are several contact options, including Facebook and Twitter, on our Contact Us page…

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  1. Dear David,

    Please would you be kind enough to confirm that there is as meeting at St John’s this coming Tuesday, 22nd (8pm?). I’m not a facebook or twitter user. Many thanks, Michael

    • Hi Michael – Yes, meeting as usual, St John’s Yard from 8:00pm. Partly a planning / information gathering evening to get ideas for the monthly ‘structured’ meetings, but nothing too formal and probably some readings / feedback thrown in. For future reference, dates of meets are in bold on the event calendar on the right, along with dates of any extra-curricular activities like Read Your Words (which is this Thursday!) I’ll be postiung a more detailed blog later today… 🙂

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