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For those who couldn’t make it our commiserations: last week’s Fright Night was a resounding success boasting no less than fourteen readers, each offering their own unique take on the traditional Halloween tale. There were ghosts, ghouls and goblins a-plenty, and even the odd gnome thrown in for good measure.* In addition to the readers we had a good sized audience packed into the room too, and came dangerously close to running out of seating despite (not so) discretely acquiring additional chairs from the ‘library’ and restaurant areas, which following our raids were so denuded of bottom-accommodating furniture that punters were forced to stand while gobbling their grub. Silly things, had they but realised they could have slipped in to listen too, and fed themselves up on cake and chocolate and other festive treats free of charge. Don’t tell the management… ūüėȬ†

halloween cover new smallAll-in-all then, another brilliant evening: our Fright Nights are going from strength to strength and it’s only a pity we can’t squeeze in two Halloweens a year to inspire us to even greater horrible¬†heights. If you want to know what Fright Nights are about, check out the link by clicking HERE. You can also download a FREE e-book of the collected stories from our first Fright Night by clicking on the cover image on the right.¬†What with one thing and another and a very busy publishing schedule we didn’t quite get round to producing the second book in the series, but there are plans afoot to redress that soon with a bumper edition bringing together stories from this year’s and last year’s events. Watch this space for further details.

But enough of last week: onto this, and our meeting on Tuesday, which, despite being our third in a row what with last week’s Fright Night “rollover”, promises to be a jam-packed affair as we consolidate our plans for a group Christmas project. Building on the success of our three previous Christmas Projects we have a proposal from Karen Christmaspresent1Tucker on the theme of PRESENTS that provides all sorts of options for interpretation , whether as short fiction, poetry, life-writing, scriptwriting, or any other creative form. Twenty-Four pieces to be published on consecutive days throughout December, finishing on Christmas Eve to ensure there’s plenty of time left for the opening of real presents! And drinking. Further details will be posted soon, but clearly on this one we have a fixed deadline and will therefore be taking names and cracking whips throughout November to ensure everything is up and ready in good time for the launch. Thinking caps on then.

In addition to the above we will also be considering options for our annual Christmas “do” and looking forward to the formal meeting planned for November 17th, which will be a comedy sketch writing workshop under the guidance of Scott Kingsnorth. There will also be the usual opportunity at the top of the meeting for people to share their work and get some feedback, so if you have anything that would fit the bill please bring it along. We will accommodate as many readers as possible, but clearly timing can be an issue here. With that in mind, readers are taken on a first-come-first-served basis with individual readings time restricted to around ten minutes maximum. Those who don’t get their chance in any week will of course be rolled over to the top of the list for the next meeting. That’s not actually happened yet, but with so many new members joining in recent weeks and feeling empowered to share their stuff it’s best to err on the side of caution with a proviso…

I think that’s it (phew!), but if anything new comes in between now and Tuesday I’ll add it as an addendum, so do check back. If you’ve found us for the first time today and are feeling inspired to join us feel free to just rock up at St John’s Yard at 8:00pm and throw your hat into the ring. Alternatively, if that sounds a bit too daunting just give us a heads up via the “contact us” or “comments” section and we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for you and help ease you in. It’s all very low key, enormous fun, and new members are in no way expected to hurl themselves straight in at the deep end. We hope you can make it.¬†


*Quite why so many supernatural apparitions begin with the letter G I can’t image, but for an anally-retentive alliterative ah-hem like yours truly it is manna from heaven.


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