Nov 292015

santa advent calendarPinch, punch, first of the month, no returns!

In all fairness it would be perfectly reasonable for you to respond with a Pinch and a kick for being so quick, because I am writing this a full two days earlier than said 1st of month, but given that the meetup itself falls on that date and we’re also launching our annual Christmas Countdown I trust you will forgive my whatever-the-opposite-of-tardiness-is-ness.

Yes. Anyhow. We will be meeting at the usual place (St John’s Yard) at the usual time (8:00) for what will be, Christmas do aside, our final meetup of 2015. We would love it if you (yes you!) were to join us, particularly if you intend coming to the do on the 15th but have yet to pay your deposit or make your choices from the menu. I (David) will be there with spreadsheet in hand chasing any Johnny-Come-Lately buggers up for both, so be warned.

That aside, it will be the usual (informal week) mix of readings and feedback, followed by updates and discussion on all outstanding business and projects, culminating in lively social intercourse on all things literary and non-literary.

With regard to the Christmas Countdown this will, God and the scheduled post angels of WordPress willing, have launched itself in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and will continue to do so for the other twenty-three days in the lead up to the big day itself. We’ve got a lovely mixed bag this year (poetry, fiction, personal reminiscences – you name it, we’ve got it), but there is STILL time for you to get your bits in if you haven’t done so already. The brief couldn’t be briefer or more flexible, so fingers out of bottoms and onto keyboards please.*

So there you have it – that’s what we, the Tunbridge Wells Writers, will be doing this Tuesday evening. If you’re not one of us but would like to be just fetch up at the stated time and hurl yourself into the fray. If the idea of that makes you nervous, feel free to use the comment box below (or the less public version on our “contact us” page) to make initial contact and we’ll keep an eye out for you at the bar and ease you in gently with some introductions.

writer santaIn closing, another quick thank you to Scott Kingsnorth for his very interesting talk on comedy sketch writing at the last meetup, and another reminder that it’s Word Up at the Forum on the ninth with TWO Tunbridge Wells Writer poets in the slam final. If you can get along and cheer for them it would be great, and should either of them scoop the fifty pound winner’s purse rest assured it will go to a good cause.**

*Pausing only for a quick wash of hands, obviously.

** Christmas Booze-up.

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