Dec 222015

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Two smaller “Tree Presents” today. The best gifts come in small packages, they say…


Things you really wanted and got,
They are in the top slot.

mediocrity buttonThings you didn’t know
You wanted at all;
But are just what you want,
Come second, a close call.
(Slaves mug.)

Some presents are just

Secret Santa,
Grotto Santa,
The true Santa,
No rhyme Santa.

Now it’s tricky,
The ones that require
A polite smiling face,
Looking full of desire.

mugsThe things you don’t want,
Worse still,
Things you actually hate,
Make you ill.

In the cupboard,
Off to charity shop,
Mass consumerism,
Will it ever stop?

© Carolyn Gray (2015)


A thousand admirers stabbed at your heart
They had the strength of a mountain and the beauty of art
With all of the power to hustle romance
They created a world of colour and dance

They blew on their trumpets, gold banners unfurled
They offered great palaces in a glistening world
They were bearers of torches and carvers of stone
Who whispered a future, but stayed on their throne

The sadness of Christmas was too much to take
His presents were joyless, his excuses too fake
It took you so long to realise his game
You said you were foolish, but were too young to blame

So the lights all went out, and you sat all alone
No songs from a party were heard in your home
Just four empty walls, and a window of pain
Collecting your heartache like droplets of rain

This Christmas is different, simple and pure
No more betrayal you have to endure
You said goodbye to riches, goodbye to false gods
And are happy at last, against all the odds


© Glyn Harper (2015)


  4 Responses to “Day 22: The Tunbridge Wells Writers Present…”

  1. Enjoying reading poems from writers who don’t usually share poems – keep them coming!

  2. Thanks, you, too, Sue. (this rhyming lark is easy!)

  3. Thank you you two too! I bet the giver of the Slaves mug got an extra helping of Christmas pud! I really liked the line: ‘Collecting your heartache like droplets of rain’

  4. Thanks, Carolyn / Glyn – what a nice pair! F’nar f’nar 🙂

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