Dec 252015

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Well I never! There we were thinking all the unwrapping had been done and somebody sneaked another gift under the tree at the last minute! We all know Christmas is a time for giving, but sometimes we overlook one Very Important Person who is equally deserving. Don’t forget yourself this year…


timerIt’s Christmas time again. It’s funny, but as one gets older it comes round more often. Or is it just that it seems to?

Christmas is associated with the giving of physical gifts, one to another, and the giving of time spent with another, which is often more important for others who are in more difficult circumstances. After all, presents can be bought with money, but time cannot be bought as we are allocated only so much by our humanity, and, when it has been spent, one cannot go to the bank of God and borrow more.

So we give ourselves the gift of the present. It is the only time we have. Of course, in the present we also give ourselves a gift of the remembered past, remembering of course that the past was the present when we gave it to ourselves. In the present, we can also give ourselves the gift of the future – making sure that it’s a future we want, not one filled with fear and trepidation about events that most probably won’t happen anyway. When that future is upon us, it will be the present when we experience it. The present is the only time gift we can only give ourselves because now is the only paper there is in which to wrap that present.

When you unwrap your Christmas presents from family and friends, don’t forget to unwrap the only present that really matters – don’t leave it till last either. And when you have it unwrapped, place it carefully in the bottom of your heart so that all of the other gifts life gives will rest on it, because once unwrapped, it becomes invisible, and it is so easy to lose it in the wrapping paper torn from all the other presents you gave to others and other’s gave to you.

What are you going to do with this gift only you can give you? If you share part of your present with others, will you re-wrap it in shitty bog paper? Smearing it with the negative emotions of ‘she shouldn’t be doing this’ and ‘he ought not to be doing that’ Will you wrap it in bitterness about what you don’t have and other’s do? Soaking it in bile that some have spent years creating, that they deserve whatever others have that they don’t, and oh, how unfair and corrupt and simply wrong the world is – and it is.

Or are you going to wrap it in quality Christmas paper, to show that you are thankful that they are above the ground, thankful that you have people who love you and with whom they can share their life. Thankful that you live in the west and not in a war torn country, thankful to share whatever joy they have in helping others enjoy their present.

That present is not just for Christmas day, it’s for every day, and each day when you wake up, there is your present, waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed if you believe you are worthy to receive your own gift of happiness.

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© Peter Seal (2015)

  6 Responses to “Just One Left Under the Tree…”

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder, Peter.

  2. I like your play on the word ‘present’, it works very well in this message.

  3. Thank you Peter.. Happy Present.

  4. Thank you peter for bringing us to mindfulness of how we colour our luves a d those of our circles. Much needed and well crafted. X

  5. i meant to comment this morning but am now too pissed… it has taken several attempts to post even this! I have gifted myself the present very successfully. the present being booze and food and more booze. Yippee! I will try to remember to drink a pint of water on my way to bed, lest I gift myself a headache in the morning 🙂

  6. Very true, Peter.

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