Feb 212016

Announcement ClipartThe night we read our stuff out…

Yes, we did, thank you. It was at Javabean Cafe last Wednesday for Read Your Words, in case you were wondering. A nice turnout, as the gallery below shows, and wonderful poetry and prose from all those reading. And as if that wasn’t enough we also had our first group reading in the form of a short three-header script by Michael Benenson, performed by the man himself with able assistance from Christopher Hall and brave-but-enthusiastic Javabean first-timer Melissa-Jane Dalyanci (hereinafter referred to as The Tunbridge Wells Playas Players).  It was very, very good and heaps of fun. If you missed it you really should give yourself a kick up the bum.

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“But that was last week,” I hear you cry, “What of this?”. Well shush: give me a chance and I will tell you…

We will be meeting this Tuesday (23rd Feb) at the usual place. If you don’t know the usual place just click on the date in the events calendar on the right and Google Maps will guide you to the door… We will start in the bar at 8:00 and move through to the Library Room about 15 minutes later. You would be most welcome to join us. If plunging in at the deepend is not your thing we would be happy to greet you at the bar and ease you in gently with introductions – just use the Contact Us form below.

This week is going to be slightly more formal than most, with the first part of the evening set aside to discuss the group identity and structure, with a view to making it easier for potential new members to see what we’re about and whether that fits with what they’re looking for from a writers group. Not very formal (that really isn’t our bag!), but we do want to ensure that all members get the most from their group. Justin Richardson will be steering that bit of the meeting and reporting back in due course. Following that there will probably be a few readings and announcements, WORD UP MARCH 2016followed by the usual no-holds-barred social free-for-all.

IN OTHER NEWS: In addition to Read Your Words many Tunbridge Wells Writers also contribute to Word Up poetry slams at the forum. There’s a Word Up scheduled for March 9th, details of which can be found on the events calendar, as well as by clicking on the link above.


Gallery photos courtesy of Carolyn T Gray

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