Feb 072016



A quick callout for Tuesday when we’ll be up to all the usual stuff at the usual time in the usual place. For time and place (if you don’t know already) click on the event calendar for details. We’ll be in the bar from 8:00, then relocate to the Library Room (how very posh!) about fifteen minutes later. The “usual stuff” will include a reading and feedback session for those bringing work along, and updates on outstanding business like collaborative projects and ‘formal’ meets. If you’re a writery type in or near TW feel free to come along and give us a whirl – it costs nowt and is much more fun than sitting indoors wishing you had gone out somewhere.

See you there!

poetry night

PS: Don’t forget it’s Read Your Words on the 17th!

  2 Responses to “Meetup: Tuesday 9th February.”

  1. David: thank you. I’m not avoiding you, honest; but it’s a busy month. I shall be freer from end of Feb.
    Eugene Bacot

    • No worries, Eugene – hope to see you soon. IF the timetable allows, Read Your Words at Javabean (17th) is always good fun 🙂

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