Mar 192016

text pic 1Something a little bit different in the mix this Tuesday with a Powerpoint presentation from member Glyn Harper to look forward to on various aspects of writing, editing, and getting published. A full outline of the presentation and discussion can be found HERE. All being well we will be kicking off at around 8:30 – 8:45, so don’t be late.

We’ve several projects and items of interest on the bubble at the moment (various art festivals / poetry readings, the proposed Fright Night II book, in-depth feedback sessions…), so hopefully there will be time for updates on the state of play with those too. Additionally, we can now confirm the next Read Your Words at Javabean date as April 20th, offering another delightful opportunity for open mic fun and games for one and all. Yippee!

glyn's talkFinally, please don’t forget that submissions for the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair need to be in by the end of THIS MONTH! If you haven’t already got your finger out but are planning on getting your finger out then you had best get your finger out!

If you’re not a member of our group but feel you might like to be, please feel free to just pitch up and join in. Just click on a (highlighted) date on the event calendar, and you’ll find details of what, when and where we are doing things, together with directions for getting to us. If jumping in at the deep end is not your thing just drop us a message using the Contact Us page or the comments section below and we’ll keep an eye out for you and make some formal introductions.

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