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Hey ho, here we are again just a few days from another exciting TWW’s meetup, and it promises to be another very full evening with all sorts of lovely stuff going on. First and foremost, we have Read Your Words coming up at Javabean in just a couple of weeks, so don’t forget to book the evening off from family commitments and get your spoken word freak on! Poetry, prose, and anything in between welcome, and if we’re really lucky maybe a new sketch or playlet from the Javabean Players!

unfest 2016The next big event on the TWW’s calendar is Unfest, where there will be more opportunities to Read Your Words, as well as to get involved with a collaborative art project with Kent Libraries and Museums. Full details are HERE, along with contact details for Carolyn (Gray) who will be coordinating all the different bits and bobs.

Talking of Kent Libraries etc., if you haven’t got your Tribal Poem in for our collaborative project with the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Festival you’ve probably missed the boat. David Hensley will hopefully have an update for us on Tuesday, but all indications are the artists’ responses to our poetic prompts have been very encouraging.

I think that’s about it, but to be honest we’ve got so much bizzle going on right now I can’t keep up with it all! CU Tuesday, I hope. 🙂

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  4 Responses to “MeetUp News – April 5th 2016. UNFEST!”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Sister in law for dinner’s my excuse this week. Mark will be there at 8 though so Team Tonkin will be represented. I’ll do better next time – the day after I(‘m taking part in Endeavour’s online Hisatrical Writing Fest. And I’m on for Javabean.

    Best to all,


    • We’re having chicken! Hope the SIL is nice and tender 🙂 Very best with online HWF – Q&A? – and if we don’t see you before I look forward to hearing your Javabean bit. 🙂

  2. Hi, David – Unable to make this coming Tuesday though I’d like otherwise. Javabean’s on certainly. Do email me if there’s anything etc As always with you et al in spirit even if alcoholically free – Michael

    • No worries, Michael – CU next time around and/or at Javabean. Do check the links in the post though re Unfest etc 🙂

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