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Yes, the next Tunbridge Wells Writers meetup is TOMORROW (Tuesday 31st May 2016). If you are reading this on Tuesday 31st May 2016 then it’s TODAY, so you had best get a wriggle on! If you’re reading it any time after the 31st May 2016 then have a look at the event calendar to see when the next one is…

We have had an incredibly busy and successful UNFEST, both in terms of the TWWs collective slot at the Museum/Art gallery on Saturday and as part of Word Up (kind of πŸ˜‰ ) an hour or so later at the Forum. If I can blow a personal trumpet for a moment, the ‘stuff’ conceived by FESTFICTION (Carolyn Gray, Peppy Scott, blue arsed flySelf) for Perk and Pearl has been very well received, and Postcards from the Hedge has gathered momentum steadily in the Forum Garden. We’ve had some excellent bits and bobs, and look forward to sharing them somehow and somewhere sometime. You meet some really interesting people at TWWs – who knows where that might lead? Certainly to MORE TWWs at Unfest if nothing else.

Oh – another personal trump on the trumpet: Peppy and I will both be performing at Rusthall tonight as part of Β RAFT. All a bit last-minute and we’ll probably bomb, but we’re at Rusthall Working Persons’ Club at 8:45, sandwiched between the Breretons and Charley Blue of ‘The Voice’ fame (I’ve been told). If you’re free, it would be lovely 2CU.

tennerSo, apart from reliving the above glories – and thank you again to all the TWWs involved in the museum project, whether reading, sharing via others, or offering support – we’ll be doing the usual stuff from 8:00 onwards tomorrow. That’s TOMORROW. We’ve had heaps of people showing interest in the group after attending the various bits and bobs above, so hopefully lots of lovely new faces to chat to. Oh, and for those who offered to donate, don’t forget to bring an extra tenner so I can tick you off my list!

And as if all that wasn’t enough – we’ve got this coming up on the 15th of June too! Remember, you can’t Read Your Words if you haven’t written them, so get scribbling…

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  6 Responses to “IT WAS TOMORROW IT’S NOW TODAY (or possibly one of many yesterdays)”

  1. Best to you and Peppy -m

    • Thank you Michael – it went very well, but we didn’t get to do our full set as they were running behind. Frustrating, as we had saved the ‘best for last’ in true Gang Show tradition and never got to do it! Thank heavens we start so strongly too πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi David, I just said to Peppy I can’t make next Tuesday (day before departure) But clearly I’d got the wrong day! HOWEVER I can’t make tomorrow either unless the book is all done & dusted. Lovely wife got back from nursing her crippled/arthritic mother on Isle of Man yesterday evening after 3 weeks. & we still have lots to do as well. Looks like I’ll next be able to attend in mid-July (unless Mother-in-Law gets really bad suddenly). And/Or something really dangerous happens in Egypt during the next ten days. HOWEVER ALSO Mark will be here. 28 evenings to party hard. I’ve given him the promised tenner so he might well be up. Though he’s at his new girlfriend’s at the moment & may not be back tomorrow. But I’m sure he’ll be up sometime before I get up in July (Julius Caesar’s month. Apt!) All the best. Peter.

    • Cheers Peter! Hope to see you again soon and that all goes to schedule πŸ™‚

  3. looks like the group is going from strength to strength – brilliant!

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