Jun 102016

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Well, the title of this post pretty-much says it all – there’s a meetup on Tuesday night (14th), and another evening of open mic fun and frolics on Wednesday night (15th)!

java juneWe hope to see lots of our lovely regulars at both, but newcomers will be made extremely welcome too. Read Your Words, for the uninitiated, is a spoken word event held in Javabean cafe where you can meet and hear writers from not only the TWW collective but also from a variety of other local groups. It’s great fun, costs nowt, and you would be daft to miss it. For more details click HERE or on the lovely pink poster on the right:

Following on from discussions at our last couple of meetups we’re in the process of restructuring the “readings” part of our Tuesday night meetings. The general consensus was to restrict the number of readings to three slots, with the option to book a slot and share work in advance so that more in-depth feedback could be offered. So far there have been no takers for prebooked slots or file sharing, so they’re still up for grabs. Use the comments section below or Facebook to grab a slot. As discussed, priority will be given to first-timers or new readers, with a rolling first-come-first-served schedule for regular readers.

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  1. Sorry I should have read the above information properly – I thought the slot situation was for Weds, I can’t make Tues unfortunately. Hopefully see you all weds. It’s been a while! Nat x

    • Hi Natalie! Not 100% sure what you were after, but if you’re looking for a slot at Read Your Words it’s names in the hat and luck of the draw rather than prearranged times, but I’m sure Carolyn would be happy to put your name on the list and other readers happy to work round it if your name comes out early… Let me know if that’s what you meant and I’ll pass on to Carolyn. If it was a ‘feedback’ slot that’s on Tuesday at the regular meet, so other than someone reading on your behalf and taking notes to pass on it might be best to wait until next time round (?) Either way, just give me the nod and we will of course do all we can to make it work 🙂

  2. Could I grab a slot around 9 or will that be too late?

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