Nov 272016

betty booBlimey – the years just whizz by, don’t they?

It might seem a little bit early to be talking about the end of the year, but with fortnightly meetups we’re almost there: just one regular meet and one Christmas do to go. So that’s Tuesday 29th for the former (next week if you hadn’t worked it out yet!) and the 13th December for the latter.

If you want to come to the do then Tuesday’s your last chance to get your deposit (five English squids) to Peppy Scott. You’ll also want to get your food choices made and noted, and, if submitting, your question for our Literary Quiz after dinner entertainment. More details on all of that HERE.

Do aside, Tuesday is a reading week, so if you have something you would like feedback on then shout quickly for one of the three reading slots. Instant feedback on the night, of course, but if you would like something a little more considered then give a shout via Facebook and share in advance.

New members always warmly welcome – just rock up on the night or give us a heads up using the comment box below and we’ll keep an eye out for you.



Oh: If Slam Poetry is your thang then don’t forget WORD UP on December 7th with Jess Mookherjee on the bill and Peppy Scott in the slam final. Just a fiver on the door and two quid back if you get up and slam for your supper. 


  7 Responses to “Penultimate Meetup of 2016!”

  1. It’s not next week – it’s today!

  2. Hi
    A bit late in the year but I’ve only just discovered your website – I’d like to come along to tonight’s session. I’ve been doing a creative writing course and need the motivation of other writers to keep going! Will stick my head in tonight.

    • Hi Katie – missed this yesterday, but you would have been very welcome. Too late for 2016 then, but please DO check in again in after Christmas and join us in 2017…

  3. This week

    • Not yesterday when I posted it! It’s ever so easy – just look at the date on the post! God, it’s like Father Ted trying to explain ‘Small’ and ‘Far Away’ to Dougal! 😀

  4. Hi,David – Unable to make Tuesday owing to the GCSE rehearsals schedule. See you at the Xmas do – M

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