Dec 172017

Haiku. Bless you! An unconstrained nineteen-syllable offering from David Hensley, and an even more exuberant two stanza “chain” from Sue Marlow. Bah, humbug and fie to your 5-7-5!    

Everything starts somewhere
Flowering brighter better times
Start in a dark place


The General Theory of Relativity in A Christmas Carol

Many disagree
But ev’rything starts somewhere
As the clock strikes one

Past, present, future
A persistent illusion
All done in one night





  6 Responses to “On the Fifth Day of Christmas…”

  1. The best Christmas gifts
    Often come in small boxes
    Haiku fit nicely.

  2. I love reading poetry on a Sunday morning and I admire the economy of these pieces – less is more. Thank you David & Sue.

  3. I really enjoyed both of these. I love the optimism of your piece David expressed so beautifully and the philosophy that Sue has captured so perfectly in her 5-7-5. I take my hat off to you both! 🎩

    • Thank you Amanda. I thought that Einstein’s statement: ‘The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion’ and Scrooge’s delight that the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future had done it all in one night needed to be introduced to each other! 🙂

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