Dec 212017

A twofer today with a brace of poems from Peppy Scott…  


Everything starts somewhere
although many physicists disagree
(although physicists disagree
about many things, so
what do they actually know?)

Twisted strings in theorists’ threads
perform contortions in the head,
concepts of infinities too much to conceive
without the faith to believe
in virgin birth



Everything starts somewhere,
though many physicists disagree,
so why rely on physicists to see
the first signs of disrepair –

wear and tear to the fabric,
revealed to the eye that gleans
the moving messages, and what it means
to mourn the loss of magic.

When did this start to set in
and that which was right go wrong?
The list would be too long –
and where on earth would I begin?


  6 Responses to “On the Ninth Day of Christmas…”

  1. Thank you for the prompt, Sue, I found it challenging in a positive way and i have enjoyed participating in this project.

  2. You highlight the battle between logic and faith… theories and imagination (from magic) . I like your stance Peppy, food for thought indeed.

    • Thank you Amanda, it was interesting writing to a prompt and seeing where it led.

  3. Words AND pictures! I say! Wasn’t ‘words and pictures’ a radio show we listened to at primary school – like ‘music and movement’? What was the name of that presenter again? Rosemarie something-or-other I think… Ahhh, such happy memories. If only I could remember the theme tune… 😉

  4. Thank you Peppy for your beautiful words and illustration.
    It is lovely to literally see through the eyes of a writer.
    It would indeed be sad if all the wonder and magic in the universe were reduced to theories and formulae. It has made me think of a line from a children’s story about the realm of magic: … “no one on the outside may enter its boundaries, save for the length of a dream, or a flash of an inspiration. But it will stay, through the years and the centuries and the ages, a part of man for all time.”

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