Dec 142017

Poetry today, from one of our newest members, Amanda Gazidis. We love it when new members get involved – welcome aboard, Amanda!   


Everything starts somewhere,
Although many physicists disagree.
Everything starts with a slice of toast
And a good cup of tea.

Everything starts with a feeling
Pounding in your heart.
Everything starts with intuition,
An inspiration to create art.

Everything starts with an impulse,
A feeling hard to define.
It starts with something beyond us,
An intervention quite divine.

Everything starts with a seed,
A potential that can grow.
Give it the right conditions
Watch ideas flourish and flow.

Everything starts at the beginning,
Sometimes there is no end;
Often time and space
Can magnificently merge and blend.

Everything starts with intention
To make something new and true.
It starts with the Universe
That lives inside me and you.

  11 Responses to “On the Second Day of Christmas…”

  1. Positive words, lovely illustration and good to see you participating Amanda!

  2. Every day should start with an uplifting poem, just like yours! Thanks, Amanda. Richard (aka William Tell)

  3. Love it!

  4. Your poem is full of positivity and hope Amanda, just as Christmas should be. 🙂 As David has said it is great to have new members throwing themselves into projects, so many thanks for taking part. It is also lovely that you have illustrated your own work!

    • Thank-you Sue, I am glad you found it to be positive. I am always up for creative projects and the opportunity to publish my words and illustrations. Thanks for your hard work Sue.

  5. Yes, that first cuppa of the day certainly hits the spot, doesn’t it! I’m still waiting for the “divine intervention” but “always my intention, like a simple tune”, as Mr Ferry and his band so eloquently put it all those years ago! 😀

    • Yes, a cup of tea is where many things start, especially at the start of the day… Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated David!

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