Dec 242017

Something a little different for Christmas Eve – a short monologue for you to listen to while making mince pies or peeling and crossing your sprouts. Words by David Smith, performed by Peppy Scott… 

Don’t do that, Georgina

A reception class in the mid-sixties. Some have observed that the teacher, Miss Eels, bears a remarkable resemblance to the great Joyce Grenfell. To listen, just hit “play”. If you prefer to read, the text can be found HERE.


  5 Responses to “On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…”

  1. Absolutely wonderful! 🙂 Peppy you are the part to perfection and David you have caught the era and ‘Joyce’ brilliantly! And another lovely illustration Peppy.
    Great end to the project… thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sue. Marjorie Eeels (I’ve just realised I prefer it with three “E”s!) will hopefully be making more appearances with the GF3! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you and Mr Pratchett for this years’ theme 😀

    • It was fun to do – thank you David for the words and the opportunity to “re-Joyce”.

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