Jan 242018

The first Read Your Words of 2018 is all set for blast-off  at Javabean Cafe on February 22nd. A fun evening of prose, poetry and whatever else takes your fancy. Only three rules:

  1. No singing (chiz chiz)
  2. Self-contained (so no novel excerpts)
  3. 10 minutes max

Other than that it’s all good, so fill yer boots! This is Debbie’s first go as organiser, so let’s get her off to a cracking start with a full house. SPREAD THE WORD(S)!

HUGE thanks to Carolyn Gray, of course, for all of her years in the hotseat, and here’s hoping the new ventures competing for her time in 2018 prove every bit as rewarding.


UPDATE: Our regular meeting on Tuesday next (6th Feb) will include some reading and feedback… Usual format: three ten-minute reading slots on first-come-first-served basis. With just two days to spare our third reading slot has now been snapped up, so expect to hear from Justin, Sue and Amanda this time round. 

See you on the 22nd 🙂

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