Feb 172018

Mine’s an EXTRA busy one, but from the POV of Tunbridge Wells Writers generally it’s a twofer week, what with our regular meetup on Tuesday and Read Your Words at Javabean on Thursday. Tuesday, following our reading night last meetup (thanks to all who read), is likely to be a quieter affair, but looking forward two days anyone itching to share their writing can bagsie a ten minute (max – no min) slot and go for it! The general rule of thumb is stand-alone pieces (no extracts from longer pieces) and no singing (chiz chiz), but apart from that – heaven knows! – anything goes!

Hope to see you at one or t’other or even both – just click the date(s) on the event calendar for times and locations if you don’t already know.

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  1. Sorry, I won’t be there tonight. See you all next time.

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