Oct 272017


A quick but timely reminder that this Tuesday’s meetup is FRIGHT NIGHT, when we’ll be reading ALL NEW stories and poems for Halloween and eating mort cake. There will be the-putting-up-of-willies to the extreme with around a baker’s dozen (how apt!) readers, but plenty of breaks for replenishing poisoned chalices and goblets. All comers are bid welcome, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of coming along to a meetup this would be a good one to get a feel for what we’re about. Carved pumpkins, fancy dress and trick-or-treat treats optional but greatly encouraged.

      Oh… PS: If you fancy free books – three volumes of Fright Night plus a clutch of others – click HERE

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Oct 272015

fright night 2015
It’s Tonight!

And just to make it even more scary I used Comic Sans to announce it – that will have sent a shiver down the back of every budding graphic designer looking in!
For those not yet up to speed (what have you been doing with yourselves? *tsk*) details of what, when and where can be found HERE. Fiendish Fun starts at eight, all comers welcome. Fourteen readers at last count – let’s hope none get grabbed by the ghosties or ghoulies while making their way to the venue. It’s no fun getting grabbed by the ghosties… …ghost

Oct 172015


Well I never! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? And oh what fun we’ve been having!

Continuing in the same fun vein the Tunbridge Wells Writers will be meeting again on Tuesday at the usual time and place (function room of St John’s Yard from 8:00pm onward) for the second of their ‘formal’ meetings, which will include a talk about Social Media and Blogging from new(ish) member James Ferrett.

If time there will probably be a bit of a reading and feedback session too, but there’s all sorts of other stuff up for discussion, including some brainstorming regarding the possibilities for our annual online Christmas event and Scott Kingsnorth’s Comedy Sketch Workshop coming up in four week’s time. Justin Richardson will also be initiating a new group project, but I won’t steal his thunder by announcing it here.

ghostFinally, and approaching far more quickly even than the items mentioned above, we come to our Halloween Fright Night, which is happening (ghosties, ghoulies and gremlins willing) on the 27th. We have fourteen (yes, fourteen – count ’em!) readers lined up so far, so it’s only fair to warn at this stage that anyone who has left it to this point to put their name forward may find they’ve shot themselves in the foot. That said, we will of course, do our best to accommodate all comers if time and those aforementioned ghosties, ghoulies and gremlins will allow. It’s going to be a good night, so be there or be disappointed. Fancy dress optional, good spirits* compulsory.

*If you will excuse the pun.


May 162015

Just enough time left to give your poem a final polish of or add an extra dash of purple to your prose! Purple Prose? Heaven forfend – that’s the one colour we DO NOT do – regardless of anything Alice Walker might have to say on the subject… Thursday 21st May – just a few sleeps away!

Carolyn's read your words poster edit



PLEASE NOTE: Read Your Words is an independent event organised by Carolyn Gray and hosted by Javabean Cafe. Tunbridge Wells Writers are, and always have been, keen and active supporters of Read Your Words, but ALL COMERS ARE WELCOME!

May 052015

All a bit white rabbit today (“I’m late, I’m late, For a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye – I’m late, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…”) on account of there being a slight cock up on the renewing the domain name front which left the website unavailable over the weekend.

Any-old-hoo, all fixed now and just enough time left for a quick heads up that the Tunbridge Wells Writers will be doing their usual, wonderful, marvelous thang from 8:00pm onwards at the St John’s Yard pub and restaurant this evening. Just click on today’s date on the calendar on the right if you need directions. We’ve absolutely TONS going on at the moment with various Group Projects and another Read Your Words at Javabean on the horizon, so why not white rabbitcome along and get the skinny on it all?

Right. That’s that sorted then. As I said, I’m running rather late already and the Queen of Hearts goes right bleedin’ mental over that kind of thing so I had better get a wriggle on…

Apr 282015

radio banner***

As those attending the last couple of meetings or reading the latest handful of blogs will be aware, our current projects, Something in the Water and our (yet to be titled) Short Stories collection for younger readers, are pretty much all wrapped up now. The time is ripe, then, for recruiting candidates for our next two projects – a sketch writing / podcast / possible live performance challenge and a series of Radio 4 Chain Reaction stylee interviews promising some red hot writer-on-writer action for your delectation and delight. Hem hem Continue reading »

Apr 042015

Well here we are again, only… [counts days on fingers] … three more sleeps from the next Tunbridge Wells Writers meetup. Those of us that went had a grand ol’ time watching John Cooper Clarke last week and were very impressed too with the sweary but talented Luke Wright, who opened the evening. 

Assuming the west country drawl of Pam Ayres, then, “‘ere’s one of ‘is poems”, this one very apt for sharing via our site, referencing as it does our very own Beau Nash and many other dandies and fops who would have enjoyed the town and its environs. It’s called The Ballad of Edward Dando the Celebrated Gormandizer, and you can read or listen to it HERE.

But that was last week and this is this, so let’s look forward rather than back… …

As mentioned in the previous post (scroll down if you haven’t read it) we’ll be trying something new on Tuesday night, with a little slot at the beginning of the evening for those who want to to read and get feedback on any current projects. Anyone interested – be they an established member of the group or an eager newbie – should show up prompt for 8:00 and drop their name into the hat. We’ll squeeze as many into the first twenty minutes / half an hour of the evening as we can, with any that don’t make it this time round going to the top of the pile at the next meetup.

IN OTHER NEWS: With the official launch of our ‘Something in the Water‘ collection almost upon us we’ll be gearing up to get the next project, our short stories for kids collection, underway. We’re about nine tenths of a manuscript in, but could squeeze in a few more stories if anyone has anything else they would like to contribute. You’ll have to be quick out of the traps, though – the deadline has already been missed more times than the dartboard in Stevie Wonder’s games room. We also need a title for the collection and some cover art, so there will undoubtedly be some nattering going on to those ends.

So, see you on Tuesday we hope – especially if you’re planning on joining us for the first time. If you don’t know where to find us click on the relevant date on the calendar and as if by magic you’ll find full details including a Google map to St John’s Yard. Once there you will find us either in the bar if you’re a bit early, or ensconced in the function room if you arrive after eight. If you enter the function room before eight and find a group of people singing, that’s not us: a local choir make use of the room ahead of us.

breaking writers

Nov 162014



Hello boys and girls, and welcome to this week’s exciting pre-meetup message. Did you enjoy your Halloween and Bongfire night celebrations? Good. Well, there’s only two sleeps now until our meeting on Tuesday night at St John’s Yard, and I’m sure you’re all breathless with… …

… … anticipation.

And quite right too!

On this week’s agenda we have a double whammy of a ‘pre-meet meet’ looking at aspects of self-publishing, followed by the regular meet where we’ll be discussing, among other things, our ideas for a group Christmas project and our annual Christmas do. The fun starts, as usual, at 8:00pm.

While appreciating we don’t want to get ourselves over-excited too early about Christmas (it is only November after all) there is only ONE MORE MEET between Tuesday’s meet and the party on December 16th and a huge amount of organising to get done to ensure Santa delivers the lashings of booze pop and mountains of tuck we require in good order. As far as the project goes we have even less time on our hands, given that we’ve not even come up with a KEEP CALMsolid plan yet and we could, depending on what we decide to do, be looking at a deadline of only fortnight to get the opening posts written, edited and posted online. Heaven forfend!

Well there you have it, boys and girls, our plan for Tuesday evening. If you’re a writery type and you live within driving distance of Tunbridge Wells we would be glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to fetch up and pitch in as the fancy takes you.

Sep 222014

poetry night


Well, here we are again on the eve of another TWW meet up, and what an eventful fortnight it’s been! We had a wonderful evening of poetry and prose readings at Javabean cafe last week with several new readers gracing the ‘stage’ (that’s the floorspace at the end of the counter by the door leading to the loos for anyone who hasn’t been to one of our Javabean meets) as well as some old favourites. And me. A good night was had by all, a good few units of alcohol were shifted, and we all agreed we must do it again again very soon. But probably not until after Christmas because we’ve got so much lined up before then we would never squeeze it all in.

Last meetup was our first at our new home, St Johns Yard, and very lively and exciting it was too. The venue is great, we had several first timers join us for, erm, the first time, and, as per usual a good time was had by all and a good few units of alcohol shifted. We also discussed all our major plans for writer’s retreat jollies, e-book launches, spooky Halloween reading nights and our Christmas project. See what I mean about never squeezing it all in?

Anyhoo… We’re at it again tomorrow night from 8:00pm onwards. If you’re a writer / would be writer living in or around Tunbridge Wells and you fancy joining us we would love to see you. You don’t need to bring anything to read – the meetups are more about networking and mutual support – but as you have just read there are loads of projects and things going on if you do want to flex your writing muscles and show us your literary guns.

This is where we will be:

Sep 072014

Announcement Clipart 2

If you go looking for us in the Black Pig on Tuesday at 8:00pm and can’t find us DON’T PANIC – you’re just looking for us in the wrong place. If you had been paying attention last time you would know that we have relocated to St John’s Yard in St John’s road, Tunbridge Wells, where we will be gathering fortnightly in the function room from now on. Whether you’re an existing member of the TW Writers or a potential new member discovering us/our website for the first time you will receive a warm welcome. Fun starts at eight – don’t be late.

I usually give a heads up before meetups about what will be going on, but we have so much in the pipeline at the moment even I can’t keep up! Scrolling back over previous posts will offer some clues, but there will be tons of new stuff under discussion too as we settle in our new meeting space and explore options for how we can best utilise it.

IN OTHER NEWS: Between our meeting on the ninth and our meeting on the twenty-third there is an open mic Read Your Words event at Javabean Cafe. This is not a ‘Tunbridge Wells Writers’ event but many of our members will be there. We would love to welcome some new faces, so whether you’re interested in reading or just like the idea of listening in please come along and introduce yourselves. Reading is nowhere near as nerve-racking as you might think, and as everything is free except food and drinks it’s a very inexpensive and entertaining night out for performers and audience alike.

This is where we will be…

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