Jul 282014

Firstly, an apology for anyone who tried to view the site over the past couple of weeks and found an error message instead of a website – we’ve been having some plugin woes and what with people being on holiday it took a while to get them sorted. Anyhoo, we’re back now and hopefully stable for the foreseeable future!

Last week we had one of our Read Your Words evenings at Javabean cafe. It was a somewhat quiet affair compared to our previous turnouts, but an enjoyable and entertaining evening none the less. What with holiday absentees and other commitments there were only six readers this time round, but what was lacking in quantity was certainly more than made up for in quality. Even better, we had two Read Your Words virgins showing their colours, in the shapes of Justin and Peppy. And excellent they were too, with Justin reading excerpts from his delightfully dark work-in-progress novel while Peppy offered a poetic and snarky fly-on-the-wall exposé of a wine fueled ‘girls night in.’ Nuff said to say a good night was had by all, and we hope to squeeze another Read Your words in between now and our ‘Halloween Fright Night’ in October. Keep an eye on the events calendar for details.

But back to business – what of tomorrow’s meetup? I hear you ask… Well, we’ll be in the Black Pig as per from 8:00 onwards, but don’t go traipsing up the stairs to the function room as we won’t be there. We’ll probably be in the ‘gallery’ area (raised section overlooking the stuffed Kudu on the wall as you walk in the main door), or if weather and seat allocation permits enjoying the sunshine in the back garden. If you’re a writer of any kidney living in or around Tunbridge Wells, why not stick your head in the door and say hello?


read words


Read Your Words. Gosh I need a haircut! 



Jun 162014

Well here we are again…

Same place (Black Pig) Same time (8:00) Same mix of lively chat on all aspects of writing. We’ll all be there, and if you (yes YOU!) live in or around Tunbridge Wells and have an interest in writing in any genre or at any level then you could be too. An open group, averaging between a dozen and two dozen per meetup, doing all kinds of things collectively and individually with words.

No ‘agenda’ as such this week, but lots of things in the pipeline to discuss. If we’ve vacated the bar we’ll be in the function room upstairs – just ask at the bar and they’ll point you in the right direction.

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May 052014

not too seriousThe Tunbridge Wells Writers will be meeting again tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Black Pig Pub from 8:00pm. If writing’s your thing and you live in or around Tunbridge Wells why not join us? If you’re running late or can’t make eight we’ll probably have left the bar area and wandered upstairs. Just ask the bar staff and they’ll point you in the right direction. It can get quite noisy depending on numbers but don’t let that put you off; you will be warmly welcomed and taken good care of.

Apr 212014

Good morning, campers!

The Tunbridge Wells Writers will once again be doing their rather lovely thing at the Black Pig pub tomorrow night from 8:00pm onwards. Among the things we have been doing recently are THIS and THIS. Details of other things we have been doing and / or plan to be doing can be found on our CURRENT PROJECTS page, including download links for our two-for-now-but-soon-to-be-more free e-books.

If you’re a writer, wannabe writer or just wri-curious and live within travelling distance of Tunbridge Wells why not join us? You’ll be made very welcome, and there’s absolutely no pressure to turn up with something to read joor promote as we leave that kind of thing for our designated reading nights. What is on offer is lively chat, advice and support on all things literary and most thing non-literary too – we’re a very broad church.

Talking of reading nights, here’s a pic from last week’s ‘Read Your Words’ night at Javabean cafe. A slightly lighter turnout than most weeks, but more than delivering in quality if not quantity.

Jan 132014

happy new year



Well that’s Christmas done and dusted for another year; the turkey’s been well and truly demolished, the last Quality Street (probably a poxy orange creme) snarfed down and the final drops of tawny port dripped from the neck of the bottle onto an eager but somewhat furred and filthy looking tongue. Well, at least that’s how it goes in my house…

Anyhow, welcome to 2014, dear reader, and the first meetup heads up for what will undoubtedly be another hugely successful and interesting year for the Tunbridge Wells Writers, who will be meeting in the usual place (Black Pig Pub) at the usual time (8:00pm) on the usual (Tuesday) evening. Be there or be elsewhere – those really are the only two options.

How did we do in 2013? Have a look at THIS. Not bad for a site that’s been going for less than a year, eh? As we head into 2014 we have e-books (2 at least!) to look forward to and the launch of our online poetry collaboration ‘Lipschtick’, as well as an open mic spoken word evening at the Javabean Cafe in February. We’ve lots of plans for the website too, though these may take a while to realise given our lack of experience *blush*

One thing we thought we might try was a monthly (or perhaps fortnightly, to coincide with out meetings)  caption competition. With that in mind, I had a quick shufti round t’internet and found this pic of Hemingway to test the water with. Just use the ‘comments’ box to add your captions, and we’ll vote on the funniest before the next meet. No prizes, but the winner can pick the next pic…

My own caption for this one – girl in the middle whispering to guy in hat ‘is that your pistol you’re poking in my back or are you just pleased to see me?’

caption hemingway



Nov 182013

The Tunbridge Wells Writers will be gathering for their fortnightly bit of social tomorrow (Tuesday 19th) at the Black Pig from 8:00pm onwards. I think some will be on parade from 7:00 for a steering group meet, and any members wishing to offer input on the development of the group would be more than welcome to join in.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the last word has been allocated for our WONDERFUL advent calendar project, so if you ain’t in then I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat! That said, we will almost certainly be producing an e-book from the submissions at some point, and I’m sure we could squeeze a few extras into that. Kat and Jess, the organisers, would, I’m sure, be more than happy to come up with a few new words to accommodate any newcomers or tardy oldcomers. They’re nice like that. Please remember the deadline, those who have signed up, ‘cos it’s THIS FRIDAY. Consider yourselves told…

Those coming to our Christmas Bash at Javabean should bring an extra fiver along as I will be badgering for deposits. T’would also help if people could have their choices made from the menu – the sooner the lovely Debbie knows numbers and who wants what the simpler it will be. Ditto any special dietary requirements above and beyond the vegetarian options.

IN OTHER NEWS: We are one member short of a magic 100 on our Facebook page. No prizes on offer, but it would be lovely to break the ton this week, so if you live in or around Tunbridge Wells and enjoy writing why not come and join us, and grab that magic 100 spot in the process. You’ll meet a lovely group of people, all of whom share your interest in writing and literature. If you like drinking alcohol too you’ll find you have something else in common with many of our members.


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