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Well, boys and girls, while it may seem a while away there are only 11 more sleeps until December 1st, and we really should get our fingers out with this year’s CHRISTMAS PROJECT.

After the rip-roaring success of last year’s Christmas Advent Calendar we thought we’d slow the action down a bit this year with a lovely Seasonal Alphabet, offering a little more flexibility with scheduled publishing and/or word counts. Quite simply we’ve got 26 letters of the alphabet to cover, and depending on how quickly we get those aforementioned fingers out we can spread these over 24 days (starting on December first), go for a traditional ’12 days of Christmas’ reversal (starting on ┬áDecember 13th – Oh shush, all you triskaidekaphobics!) or even go orf piste with any old number of days we fancy, really!

The remit is simple: Think of something you associate with YOUR traditional Christmas (e.g. Alcohol). There, we have an ‘A’. Write some witty or thoughtful prose about it – any word count, but short and sweet will give us a bigger alphabet list, obviously – and we’ll edit them up to make a post of around 1000 or so words per day.

The catch to this one (there’s always a catch) is that sometimes we’re going to have too much (I’ve already written 2000 words on ‘alcohol’ for example which exceeds the wordcount for ‘A’ on its own) and sometimes too little (not many Christmas Zebras about, are there?). The latter is easily sorted by GETTING CREATIVE and/or combining letters (‘welcome to XYZ day’) but the former will mean edits and filtering, and not everything submitted getting in when there are overlaps or just too many words. I’ve been volunteered as editor, and it’s not a job I relish at all, especially as I am capable, as most of you will know, of waffling on at great length about nothing in particular and pulling 2000 words out of my hat at the drop of a hat…

Oh – Also, it’s probably easier to just credit all contributors at the end than to credit every ‘snippet’, as crediting every snippet would make the whole thing a tedious read. Perhaps we could have a ‘today’s contributors’ at the bottom of each post?

bellsSo there you have it. Keep ’em short and sweet, and it’s probably easiest if you just message them across to me on Facebook.

And finally, if anyone has a specific topic they would like to write about get first dibs on it quick, and I’ll try to keep track of who asked for what when editing.

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