Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair – Opportunity for Poets!


As those who attended the last meetup will know, David Hensley offered an update on the opportunity created for us to work with the visual artists involved in this year’s Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Fair – the (probable) name for the successor to the SEEART Fair. This will be held on 23/24/25/26th June, in the Assembly Rooms, with the theme of ‘TRIBE’.

maskDavid had met with the organisers Neal and Guy, who suggested an interesting idea for co-operation: that the TW Writers provide a range of poems on the topic ‘Tribe’, which local artists will then use as inspiration for their artworks. Any poem selected will be exhibited next to the artwork suggested by it.

Poems need to be submitted by e-mail to by the end of THIS month (March). They will then be passed on to the artists who will decide which ones they want to use.

In addition to the exhibition there is likely to be an opportunity for us – particularly the poet’s whose poems are displayed – to do a reading on the lunchtime of Friday 24th June.

So, let your tribal inspiration flow!


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