The Tunbridge Wells Writers Children’s Short Story Project


The list of Tunbridge Wells Writers projects expanded dramatically through 2013-2014 with five hugely successful poetry and prose collaborations, and 2015 got off to a flying start with publication of Something in the Water. Our next published project will be a collection of short stories for children…


Stories should be no longer than 2000 words and, for reasons of consistency in the final e-book, written with ‘middle grade’ (8-12yrs) readers in mind.

Stories can be on any theme or of any genre, so let your imaginations run wild. That’s it!



The plan, as always, is to produce a freely available e-book showcasing our work for distribution via smashwords etc., but the length of the stories would also make them ideal for reading at Read Your Words should the fancy take anyone.

UPDATE:¬†With Something in the Water now published editing of the children’s collection continues at a pace. With that in mind and a couple of late entries already for inclusion it’s probably about time to say this particular ship has sailed as far as submissions go. Probably…

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