Tunbridge Wells Writers Christmas Advent Calendar (project outline).


Project proposal by Katrina Ray & Jessica Whyte


The idea is to create a literary advent calendar, with one piece being released every day throughout December. Each Christmas nugget (or nougat, thanks Dave!) will be based around a festive word or phrase that you will be randomly assigned. Your mission is then to create an exciting and delightful chunk of seasonal cheer. Contributions can be any style, shape or size – poems, short stories, flash fiction, limericks or even an interesting factual piece. As short as you like, or as long as 1000 words, it’s up to you.

If you fancy giving it a go, just contact myself or Jess Whyte to let us know you’re in. If you have any ideas of suitable words to use as prompts, please also pass these on. These words will be randomly allocated by the very technical method of drawing out of a hat (or other vessel) at TWW on 5th November. If you’re not there that night, don’t worry, your name will still be drawn and we’ll email you.

Obviously this project is short and sweet with a fairly immovable deadline, which should make it easy for any NaNoWriMo challengers to still get involved. Although we have a little leeway for emergencies, it’s pretty tight for time, so if pieces could be in by Friday 22nd November that would be much appreciated!

If you have any queries then just give me a shout. Happy writing!


The project was a resounding success, leading to record-breaking ‘hits’ on the website as well as two multi-page spreads in the local Courier newspaper. Those interested in reading the project retrospectively can find the Calendar, complete with all 24 stories, by clicking on the image below

full calendar

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