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NOTICE: This page is about FRIGHT NIGHT I celebrating Halloween 2013. For details of FRIGHT NIGHT II, being held on Tuesday 28th October 2014, click HERE 
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The stories read at Fright Night I are now available as a free e-book. Just click on the cover image on the right to download from our Smashwords page in the format of your choice:




An extra Halloween themed meet-up at the Black Pig on October 29th…


The Brief: We are seeking entries for the next thrilling chapter in the Tunbridge Wells Writers experiment. Horror! Terror! Fear! For a Halloween themed night at the Black Pig we are inviting you to pen something to make the mind reel and the body shiver. Pieces will be read out to the rest of the group either by the author themselves or another member of the group. There is an upper word limit of approx. 1,000 words.

Genre: Horror/Suspense/Supernatural Thriller

Wordcount: approx 1,000

Deadline for entries: 16th October 2013.

Send entries to: Jess Mookherjee and Christopher Hall via our facebook page, HERE, or use the contact form below to contact Chris directly for further information

Form: Poetry/Short story/Script


morte cake

UPDATE: Our Fright Night was a resounding success – some 25+ members attending, and over half of them reading stories. There was a stunning Halloween ‘Morte’ cake, made by our very own Katrina Ray, and enough candles and tea-lights to keep the devil at bay for a century. Vampire hedgehogs were conspicuous by their absence, but the ladies of the group had a good stab at fancy dress while the blokes, predictably, didn’t. The night was so excitement packed we forgot to take photos, but one shot of Kat’s cake did make it to press. What the photo doesn’t show is the scale of the thing: it could be mistaken for an iced walnut whip! In fact, it was mahusive, the skull on the top almost lifesize. It was delicious too, and many a diet was sacrificed in its honour.

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