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Once a year, on or around the thirty-first of October, The Tunbridge Wells Writers assemble for a special evening of readings to appease and entertain the Spirits of Halloween. In the cobwebbed catacombs beneath our regular haunt, St John’s Yard, we huddle in candlelit gloom to share tales of the┬ásupernatural, eat very delicious mort cake, and drink and cavort until the early hours. Well, closing time at least.

This year we will be celebrating our FIFTH Fright Night, and the gods (or divvils, perhaps) have aligned the universe to ensure that Halloween falls on our regular meetup date, so we don’t even need to reschedule! We would be honoured if you chose to join us, whether to share your own terrifying tales or simply to listen appreciatively to our humble offerings. The event will be open to all from 8:00pm on the evening of Tuesday October 31st, with readings commencing at around 8:30.

Given the popularity of previous events we would request that readers try to stick to around 1000 words for their submissions, but we’re willing to give an inch or two just so long as nobody tries to grab a mile. Those wishing to book a slot should advise Mistress of the Macabre Katrina Ray accordingly, sharing ┬ájust enough juicy details to help ensure there aren’t too many clashes in style and content in the running order but without giving the game away. Fancy Dress is optional, but given that it’s our fifth year and officially Halloween it might seem churlish not to.

A small taster of Fright Night has made its way onto Soundcloud, in the form of this reading by Philip Holden of his story 999 Words. Plans are in their infancy, but we hope to extend on this to produce an audiobook of Fright Night stories at some point in the future. Fright Night e-books (we’ll be publishing our third at the end of September to whet your appetite for the main event) are available (for FREE!) from our SMASHWORDS PAGE.

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  1. Hello Katrina. No more than 1,500 words, The Captive might captivate a few of us . . . Suspense ending in a suitably horrific scene. Richard.

  2. Hi Kat. Third time lucky I hope. Will be bringing a short story to Fright Night, just under 1500 words and in the supernatural genre. Pretty well in the style of M R James. Look forward to meeting you all.


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