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This event is running from 12 December 2017 until 12 December 2017. It is next occurring on 12/12/2017 19:30

Yes Indeedy! Another year almost done and time for our annual CHRISTMAS DO!

If you haven’t worked it out already, we’ll be doing the do (just like Betty Boo) on December 13th at our regular meetup venue of St John’s Yard, and OH MY what a do we will be doing!

betty booWe’ve got a wonderful menu lined up at a specially discounted rate and all the benefits of a fully stocked bar within easy staggering distance of the dining area. Along with our traditional literary quiz – organised this year by Peppy Scott – there will be music and chat a-plenty, and perhaps even the odd surprise too: Who will get locked in the lavatory this year?

Plans not fully finalised as yet (we will add updates as and when necessary) but we’ll hopefully be able to meet slightly earlier at 7:30 to dine at 8:00, with our quiz kicking off as soon as the puds are cleared and we’ve replenished our supplies of liquid refreshments from the bar. This will be the last meet of 2016 (boo, hiss) so don’t miss it, but we will resume again in January (yay!) refreshed and invigorated and ready for the challenge of another year of splendid literary shenanigans.


LATEST NEWS: Adding a new spin to that old literary quiz favourite, the idea was floated that this year each contestant could submit one question for inclusion, in order that each team should get at least a few questions right! Again, Peppy Scott’s taken that one on, so bung your questions to her via Facebook DMs (don’t use the ‘comments box’ you silly sossidge – everyone will see it!) and she will do the rest.  


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