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This event is running from 13 January 2015 until 11 December 2018. It is next occurring on 20/03/2018 20:00

  • Venue: St John's Yard Pub & Restaurant
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The Tunbridge Wells Writers will be meeting in the function room at St. John’s Yard from this evening. Why not join us?

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  1. Hi. I know Sue Wiltshire & she suggested your club. I am looking for a comedy script partner whose strength is structure to my many ideas to submit to TV. I have a 30min sitcom that is 45min! I can come along on 10th Jan if ok.

    • You’ll be made very welcome, Andrew. I’ve dabbled with comedy / scriptwriting myself and have a good ear for dialogue, so would be interested to see if our styles match!

  2. Hi im moving to TW next week and would like to come along too to give it a go. I’ve mainly written poetry, but really want to write a semi fictional autobiography, but have not got round to it yet, need some writing inspiration. I was wondering what exactly you do during meet up time? thanks!

    • Hi Amy – meetup content varies depending on what projects we’ve got going on, but a general rule of thumb would be a bit of meet and greet for any new members, then a bit for news and announcements (members work getting published, feedback on recent projects, that kind of thing), and then readings from members who have requested one of the evening’s 3 (up to 10 minute) reading slots. After that there will be project updates on ongoping projects followed by mingling and networking opportunities, individual discussion and so on.

      Dates for meetings – and any extras, like Read Your Words (Aug 17th) – can all be found on the event calendar. Just fetch up on the evening, or if you prefer you can message before and we’ll keep a special eye out for you and ease you in gently. 🙂

  3. Hello, I also hope to come along to your meet up on the 8th or 22nd. I can confirm nearer the time. I just wondered if you think I would be suitable for the group? I write non-fiction in a gently academic style exploring the area of hidden histories. It’s a lonely passion at times! I would love to meet other writers.

    • Hi Sinead – we are an EXTREMELY broad church and love writers of all genres / disciplines. You will be made very welcome. We have at least a couple of members who write ‘gently academic’ non-fiction in a historical vein (you know who you are!) so you are not alone 🙂 Hope to see you on 8th or 22nd – 22nd is a slightly more ‘formal’ meet with a presentation on planning and editing novels at the top of it, but will be none the worse (and probably all the better!) for that.

  4. Im hoping to come and join you on 8th. I’m particularly interested in memoir and editing exchange

    • Hi Suz –
      Look forward to meeting you on the 8th. If you confirm whether you’re coming along a day or so before I/we will make sure to keep an eye out for you. Mostly fiction writers in the group, but that doesn’t mean we’re strangers to life writing, and of course life experience informs fiction anyway, so you should find the group interesting. Feedback / editing can work two ways – either by reading sections of work for group feedback or by making connections with individuals who can offer more tailored / in-depth feedback. Both very useful! Hope that sounds the kind of thing you’re looking for, and if you can give us a head’s up beforehand we’ll make sure you’re pointed in the right direction on the 8th. 😀

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