Presentation Evening: Publishing with Wet Zebra…


Event Details

Wet Zebra is a recently launched publishing house providing a new and novel approach to independent publication called ‘Crowd Commissioning’. For the full skinny on what they do click THIS LINK (or the Wet Zebrafish), but in a nutshell what they’re offering is a route to e-publishing – and, potentially, hard-copy publishing – that puts authors and their target readers into the driving seat to deliver quality books to an identified and receptive marketplace. Sound interesting? Good!

Wet Zebra co-founder and editor, Martin Baker, has kindly offered to come along with other members of his team to offer a presentation and Q&A on all aspects of what they have to offer. This will be at our usual venue, St John’s Yard, and it’s an open invite event for all interested writers, whether signed-up members of TWW or newcomers. The more the merrier!

This is a FREE event, but if you’re feeling generous you could offer to buy Richard Crosfield a pint of whatever he’s drinking as a thank you for taking the time and effort to organise the evening. We hope to see you there.

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