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This event finished on 22 February 2018

Read Your Words are occasional evenings of live poetry and prose readings hosted at Javabean Cafe Tunbridge Wells. Open for coffees, Dutch courage and chat from 7:00pm, readings start at 7:30pm. Last orders at bar 10:00pm.

It’s an open mic so in theory anyone can pitch up and have a go, but be warned spaces fill up very quickly – so get there early!




PLEASE NOTE: Read Your Words is an independent event organised by Debbie at Javabean Cafe. Tunbridge Wells Writers are, and always have been, keen and active supporters of Read Your Words, but ALL COMERS ARE WELCOME, whether as readers or audience! A great night out and free entry to boot – what more could you want from a midweek jolly? 


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  1. Hi, David
    Many thanks for your msg – and apologies for late response. Thanks, also, for the invite to the event on 17 June which I missed, unfortunately. I hope a good evening was had by all! Hope I’ll catch another event soon.
    kind regards. Lucia

    • Hi again Lucia –

      As you’ll have read on ‘front page’ the group proper is off for summer hols, but some of us will probably meet ‘casually’ and there are various summer events we’ll be attending. No firm dates yet, other than a Word Up at TW Forum on July 29th if that tickles your fancy, but check the front page for new stuff and feel free to swing by if you can 🙂

  2. Hello!
    I am based in London but am a regular visitor to friends near Tunbridge Wells. I write lyrics, stories and poetry. I do open-mic poetry at the Poetry Café occasionally and I want to do more. Please keep me posted regarding your events.
    many thanks

    “The Karloff Tiara” by Lucia Wilson is available on

    • Hi Lucia –
      Read Your Words events are always featured on our events calendar (in sidebar) and promoted via the blog, so if you subscribe to the website / and or check in every now and again you should be fine. There’s no fixed time period, but there’s usually an event every three months or so.
      If you’re in the TW area on 17th June there’s a Word Up spoken word event with Deanna Rodgers (you may well know of her – she’s very popular on the London poetry circuit) and others. This also has an open mic slam, so you could pitch up and join in! It’s not a TWW’s event, but quite a few of us are regulars, so a good introduction to the group too. Hope that’s helpful, and thanks for comment 🙂

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