fright night 2015

Well here we are: we’ve made it safely through another year without getting grabbed by the ghosties or ghoulies (oh, shush) and it’s time once again to start thinking about putting pens to paper in carved-pumpkin-hipreparation for the annual fear-fest that is the Tunbridge Wells Writers Halloween Fright Night. How delightful…

This is our third year for celebrating (if that’s the right word) Halloween in a suitably spooky style with a dedicated reading night of horror stories, and if interest shown to date is anything to go by could well be our most exciting yet. Which would be one hell of a feat, if you’ll excuse the pun, given that our first two were abso-bloody-lutely excellent!

The turnout for Fright Night, both in terms of readers and audience, has always been high, but with the appropriately funereally decorated function room at St John’s Yard available to us for the second year running we can always budge up and squeeze in a few more. If previous years are anything to go by we will have at least a dozen readers and an audience of around double that, made up of members new and old together with a bunch of fresh-faced victims first timers who found us at the last minute and thought – and were subsequently proved correct in thinking – it sounded fun.

morte cake

Kat’s Spooktacular Morte Cake

The remit for Fright Night is simple: Original horror stories, traditionally goth or thoroughly modern Maleficent, of around a thousand (fifteen hundred MAX) words. Revolting Rhyme, Vile Verse and Putrescent (Edgar Allan) Poetry is also acceptable, but only if the ‘Revolting, Vile and Putrescent’ refers to the subject matter rather than the execution! In addition to the readings – with suitable breaks for replenishing vital alcohol stocks from the bar – there will be Spooktacular Cake courtesy of the lovely Ms Katrina Ray, fancy dress, carved pumpkins, and other varied festive delights.

If you fancy reading, whether an established TWW or a complete newbie, just let me (David) or Katrina know via the comment box below or the group’s Facebook page HERE. We’ll also be taking names at the meetups, so don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook or read this website, you’ll still have the chance to get involved. (*wink*)

The date for Fright Night this year is Tuesday 27th October and the deadline for joining in is technically the same, but please let us know if you’re going to read as soon as possible. It would also really help with organising if you can advise us in good time if, for whatever reason, you’re going to fail to deliver.

before and after



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  1. The previous years look fab!! That cake, my goodness! We have some talented members 🙂

    • Actually, that was 2013s cake – I posted the wrong one! Last year’s looked like this: . This year’s will be even bigger and better, I’m sure. Unless Kat’s really busy, in which case we’ll have a Swiss roll from Tesco. They taste divine, BTW (Kat’s Kakes, not Tesco Swiss rolls). Thanks for comment 🙂

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