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We Bid You Welcome… …

fright-night-4Once a year, on or around the thirty-first of October, The Tunbridge Wells Writers assemble for a special evening of readings to appease and entertain the Spirits of Halloween. In the cobwebbed catacombs beneath our regular haunt, St John’s Yard, we huddle in candlelit gloom to share tales of the
supernatural, eat mort cake, and drink and cavort until the early hours. Well, closing time, at least.

This year we will be celebrating our fourth Fright Night, and we (and The Count) would be honoured if you chose to join us, whether to share your own terrifying tales or simply to listen appreciatively to our humble offerings. The event will be open to all from 8:00pm on the evening of Tuesday November 1st, with readings commencing at around 8:30.

So far we have thirteen readers signed up – how very apt (Mwahahahahahahaaaaaa) – but there may be a couple more by the time we get there. We will do our level best to ensure that all turning up with a tale to tell will get a slot, but equal consideration will be given to the drinkin’ ‘n’ cavortin’ ‘n’ the eatin’ of cake! We’ve never actually run out of time yet, but it’s been a pretty close call for the past couple of years. Again, Katrina Ray is the go to lady for booking a slot.

If you’re a first-timer and you’re wondering what you might be letting yourself in for there are two free e-books containing stories from our previous Fright Night’s available from SMASHWORDS. Just click on the link (or the count if you prefer) to download to your e-reader of choice.

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