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  1. OK Dave,

    Found the members page. How do I get Mark’s & my pictures on there? Plus short bio, I think you said – so I can link to

    • Hi Peter! Just bung the bios across as DMs on Facebook with the pics as attachments, and I’ll get them up pronto 🙂

  2. Hi David. Let me know an email address and I’ll send my sordid details, too. Cheers, Mick

    • Hi Mick – have dropped you a DM on Facebook, and you can bung your biog etc across there! 🙂

  3. PS Please also incl. me as a member and let me know how to leave a photo etc – Ta, Michael

    • Hi Michael – I will contact you by e-mail for a biog and picture etc. Please check the threads where you have posted other comments for the replies to those.

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