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I’m David, and I write a bit quite a bit. I’m also a single dad to a teenage boy, and have a surprising amount of hair left, considering. I’ve recently completed a degree in Literature and Creative Writing with the OU and am now wondering what to do with it. Ultimately I hope it will help me to make a living by tapping a keyboard with my left and right forefingers. (I do have other fingers, by the way, in case you’re imagining some sort of horrific blender/lawnmower incident, they’re just not fingers that can apply themselves to typing, despite many hours spent in the delightful company of Ms Beacon.)

Mostly I write short stories or poems (mostly they come at night… mostly…), many of them for children. Some of these, along with articles and other bits and bobs, have been published in various magazines and periodicals, and I’ve recently become involved in performance poetry at a number of local events. I’ve got plans for all sorts: scripts, novels – even a stage musical – but I’m an expert procrastinator and easily distracted. My website, Lovely2CU, has a few samples of my stuff, along with a blog full of old waffle on whatever happens to take my fancy at any particular time. The blog, and the pages filed under ‘miscellany’, will reveal much about my SOH. Whether it’s a ‘G’ SOH or not will be a pretty subjective call, so no worries if you think it trite shite or McGonagall doggerel.

That’s me, you’re you, I hope you enjoy Tunbridge Wells Writers…

My website is at: lovely2cu.wordpress.com/

You can follow me on Twitter at: @oddlyactive

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  1. Hi David,

    Richard and I enjoyed last week’s meeting (our first time!) and meeting you and other members of the group. I tried to join the Facebook group last week, but my request seems to remain pending, so I can’t post anything on it (thought it might be nice to thank people for the warm welcome we received :)). Would it be possible for someone to accept my request on FB and add me to the group? Not sure if you’re the administrator of the FB group, but very grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance for your help!
    Best wishes

    • Hi Pauline! Sorry for confusion with Facebook page… I don’t admin Facebook, but have sent an invite to the e-mail address used for this message which will get you in immediately once you reply! You can then invite Richard and that’s that sorted…
      Glad you both enjoyed it and I / we look forward to seeing you again soon. Meanwhile, that ‘The Worst Phrasebook’ was translated by one Pedro Carolino, who wrote an English – Portuguese phrasebook despite speaking no English whatsoever. Having looked his name up in my trusty copy of The Book of Heroic Failures I can now direct you to this Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_As_She_Is_Spoke Hope 2CU on the facebook page soon 🙂

      • Hi David, Many thanks for replying so quickly, but I didn’t get your invite to the facebook page, it must have gotten lost in cyberspace (did check the spam folder, but not there either). Would you mind sending it again? Also thanks for the note on Pedro Carolino!

        • Have sent again, and will ask Chris to look out for your original request. Sorry you’re having problems – it’s nothing personal! 😀

  2. Hi David
    I really enjoyed last nights meeting .There is such a lot to learn from others writers. I would like to put my details on the Tunbridge wells writers website., can you help me with this please?
    I have enjoyed learning a little more about the people I have met in the last couple of weeks!
    Best regards
    Carole x

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