David Hensley


I have been writing intermittently for many years, in between working with clients in some interesting climes (Estonia and the Emirates, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan). I recently moved to Tunbridge Wells, so am now more active in writing and in the Tunbridge Wells Writers Group.

My writing is diverse – some poetry and some fiction. I am working on several long-term fiction projects, including a set of children’s stories (Timmy the Tiny Talking Tiger), a young adult novel (Jimmy Jaluka, about a South African teenager with telepathic gifts who goes in search of his missing uncle, a popular footballer and DJ), an literary novel (The Grand Hotel of Strangers), and a sci-fi thriller (Angelhair, about an extraordinary infection of a fungus from Mars that makes people almost invulnerable before reducing them to blood-thirsty zombies). I am also working with a writing partner, Sylvia Howe, on a Tunbridge Wells based crime thriller (In the Rough).

My blog http://the-gardens-of-epicurus.blogspot.co.uk carries occasional reflections and poems.
If you ever made a submission that was rejected, check out ‘The Rejection Letter

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