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I have lived in Tunbridge Wells for most of my life and was born in the town of Crowborough six miles away, which is synonymous with the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; hopefully, this will be an omen for my writing.

I attended West Kent College in 1973, where I studied Garage Management. It was only after I completed the course that I decided that sales and account management were much more interesting; this is where the majority of my career has taken me. I have worked for most of the last ten years in pharmaceutical logistics as a Sales & Marketing Director, where compliance and validation are a prerequisite.

I began writing in 2005 when I had the inspiration to want to tell a story. This drive pushed me to create my children’s fiction book, ‘The Adventures of Josh Slug’, which only needs a final critique and copy edit before I begin the publishing and marketing process.

For this genre, I write under the pen name of Enrique Reilly as I am looking to avoid any cross-over or confusion as I am also currently one-third of the way through writing a book for adults, which is titled ‘Father and Son’. This genre gives me a lot more scope as I do sometimes find writing for children challenging, especially when working within the constraints of what is acceptable in today’s politically correct world. Nevertheless, I must confess: I do enjoy it.

The important thing for me, as a writer, is always to try and provoke some sort of emotion and surprise when telling what I hope is an interesting story. My strategy is to suck the reader into a false sense of what they think will happen and then hit them with a twist. I probably tend to write a story as a film, watching the scenarios appear in my head as I put pen to paper, whilst slowly bringing it all together to produce a book. I know when I am getting things right—usually when I can’t stop sniggering as I write!

One of my favourite comedy films that always gives me inspiration as a writer is ‘As Good as It Gets’ with Jack Nicholson as the misanthropic, obsessive-compulsive novelist. This film definitely provokes a lot of emotion and laughter in me on a personal level, but is also well written, in my opinion. The scene where the little dog Verdell has to choose between the big bad author character Melvin (Jack Nicholson) and his gay artist owner Simon (Greg Kinnear) is timeless, and is a scene that makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Being a part-time writer can be quite insular sometimes, and so joining the Tunbridge Wells Writers Group has proven to be a good move as we all have common interests and aspirations.

My website can be found HERE

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