Katherine Loverage


I write under the name of Katherine Loverage. Having spent the last 8 years absorbing myself in the very essence of words, I have finally decided that a website to glue them all together would be a good idea.

I am essentially a writer in every aspect of my life. From my daytime job, to being a reflexologist. I use the time I spend running to write dialogue and chapters in my head.

Being a single mum of a grown up son means I have time to write and have recently started up a couple of blogs.

My main passion is writing novels and I write often from experience and from the heart. I think if I have a story or an idea to write, then it’s worth the time and effort I put into it. I am very proud of all that I have written to date.

I have written several books, two which are romantic comedies and one which is adult erotica. I have written a collection of short stories on emotions and a few pieces of poetry.

My website is: www.katherineloverage.weebly.com

My blogs are: http://double00mo.wordpress.com/ ; http://deviliciouschocolate.wordpress.com/ ; http://odette67.wordpress.com/ and http://katherineloverage.wordpress.com/

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