Lucy Jones


I’m Lucy. In the first person. I’m a copywriter by day, and a sporadic poet and language lout by night. I am not writing a novel.

I was forcibly dragged into the world in the week that Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ was UK number one, and after mastering the dance routine, spent the next four weeks avoiding it inside a Croydon incubator.

A few years later, after I’d learnt to read, gained a few siblings, and moved to Crowborough, I upped sticks and went to Aberystwyth to study English Lit & American Studies. This was probably a result of watching too much Sesame Street as a kid. In combination with a subconscious absorption of my Grandad’s love of John Wayne films, it also meant I ended up living in Utah for a bit.

I’m back in Blighty now, though a year spent copywriting for a gap year company after graduation means I take every opportunity to travel about and eat insects. I’m currently a writer for an SEO agency, and decided to join the Tunbridge Wells writers to motivate myself to write outside of work. Occasionally this works, but not as much as I’d like it to. Still, most weeks I pen one odyssey of a shopping list.

My website is HERE

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