Nige Rayner


NJ Rayner grew up in Mellor, Cheshire in the United Kingdom, where as well as briefly holding the record in the local “100 yard Tripe Juggling” category, he was also one half of “The Flying Yoghurt Brothers”, a specialised trapeze act involving death-defying feats of acrobatics on a plank of wood balanced on two upturned buckets. He has played golf with Bernhard Langer, Des O’Connor’s pianist and the man from the Oxo commercials, been a Dog Handler at Crufts – where he came last – and been ridiculed by both Billy Connolly and Stan Boardman. He now lives in Kent, and is married with one son and two stepchildren.

After spending over thirty years working in the advertising industry for several top agencies, he decided to become a full time author in 2014.

His debut novel ‘The Time Table’ is the first book in The Stobes Trilogy. The second book in the series ‘The Assassinator’ will be published around March/April 2015, with the third book ‘The Exodus’ expected in August 2015. He also has a fourth novel, Peter Panic and the Book of Dreams due to be published at the end of 2015.

He firmly believes that Douglas Adams was correct when he said the world is a giant computer program run by mice, and refuses to take life too seriously. Favorite authors include Douglas Adams, Tom Sharpe, Terry Pratchett, Stuart Maconie, Joseph Heller and Alan Titchmarsh.

His website can be found HERE

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