Peppy Scott


Peppy has adopted the convention and conceit of writing her biography in the third person with reluctance and embarrassment. For amusement – her own entirely – she writes a little bit of poetry and a lot of rhyming verse. The latter is intended to be humorous, though that is for others to judge. The former is not meant to be funny – don’t laugh. Recurring themes encompass the breadth and depth of the human condition touching incisively on topics of universal scale ranging from wine-soaked, middle-aged, Middle Class motherhood to tea-drinking, middle-aged, Middle Class motherhood. Quite why she has settled on these themes is unclear but they require such exhaustive research and wild leaps of the imagination that she may often be found in need of restorative fluids and inspiring company. These she always finds among the Tunbridge Wells Writers.

Peppy lives in Crowborough with a kind, witty and long-suffering husband, a delightful (at time of writing) teenage daughter and no cats.

Her website, as a metaphor for life, is a work in progress:

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